Good Spirit Support Action Centre (GOSSACE), Uganda

A Modest Place of Hope for our Children Affected by HIV-AIDS  



We are so grateful for all the help we have received in caring for children who have no one else. We are in need of funds, clothes, books and most other family supplies. Funds support everything from teacher salaries to roof repairs.

To donate in Africa, please contact us ( or our bank, Stanbic, Mukono Branch. The phone number is (256) 041 290 757 for the "GOSSACE Trust Account."

To donate in the United States, please contact The Global LightWorks Foundation ( or send a tax-deductible donation to Global LightWorks, P.O. Box 4084, Mountain View, CA, 94040, USA. Donations specifying "GOSSACE" will be passed along in their entirety as explained and receipts will be provided.